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Taiyuan/ Giving an Integrated Approach to Urban Innovations
2011-05-10 11:27:09 Source:The Fascination of Shanxi
Capital of Shanxi Province, Taiyuan is an ancient city with a history dating back to 2,500 years. It has been called a “Brocade City,” with reference to its cityscape as beautiful as a piece of brocade.
Metropolitanism, harmony, honesty and accomplishment are the “urban ethos” defining the city.
The Twin Pagoda Yongzuo Temple,Taiyuan

The municipal Party committee and government have put forward a new strategy: renovate an old city, erect a new city, and conserve an ancient city. Putting emphasis on bulldozing the dilapidated houses while protecting ancient architectural jewels and creating new iconic buildings, Taiyuan is pulling out all the stops to renovate the old city. An urgent priority is given to the preservation, restoration and showcasing of architectures and communities that have historical or cultural values so that an urban landscape could take shape, one evoking the history and culture of Jinyang, an ancient name of Taiyuan. The Municipality gave the green light to an 80-square-kilometer development area to the south of the Changfeng Avenue, an area featuring riverside view, eco-friendly landscape, the most wired city network and the most sophisticated transit system, creating an enchantingly new city area. It launched an excavation program on the protection of the ancient town of Jinyang, giving the storied town a new lease of life, based on scientific excavation, rational guideline, restorative development, and sound branding strategy.
Fenhe Park, Taiyuan
The integrated urban innovation program will create a brand-new industrial, cultural and livable city incorporating Shanxi’s cultural pedigree and modern vibe. An energetic and charming Taiyuan is ready to serve the province, impress the country, and attract the world.

Linfen/ Creating Green Living Environment
2011-05-10 09:42:14 Source:Fascinating Shanxi
Centering on the four themes: “innovate plain forest, rehabilitate Fenhe ecosystem, develop forest products, and improve living environment, Linfen is undergoing an impressive metamorphosis from “black” to “green.”
Drum tower of Linfen
Over years, the lopsided industrial structure predominated by coal, coke and iron, though greatly raising its GDP figure, has caused Linfen a tremendous loss in vegetation degradation and environmental pollution. Pressed by circumstances, the people of Linfen asked for a dramatic transformation, drastic restructuring, large green coverage, and a sound ecosystem. Zeroing in on innovation on plain forest plantation, every county, municipality and precinct has gone creative to work out its own method.
The sober choice of getting a “green makeover” has launched Linfen into a golden period of development. Furthermore, the ten green projects in urban and rural areas are filigree on top of the “green makeover” and result in a win-win outcome for society, ecosystem and economic efficiency.