Affiliated Hospitals

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The school places great emphasis on cultivation of the students’ practice skills and increasingly strengthens the construction of teaching bases. There are 3 subordinate and 12 non-subordinate affiliated hospitals, 7 affiliated hospitals for students’ learning and 5 affiliated hospitals for students’ clinical practice as well as 8 pharmacy practice bases for different needs.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi University of TCM The Second Affiliated Hospital of the Shanxi University of TCM is a comprehensive hospital characterized by integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, reaching to “the first class among the “A level hospitals”. According to the blueprint of the hospital that “special departments are to be established in the hospital, special diseases are to be treated in departments, and special techniques are to be mastered by doctors”, 12 provincial famous special departments such as angeitis, anus and intestine, nine needles, apoplexy, diabetes, gastroenterology, spondylopathy treating center by TCM decoction, and so on were set up. The hospital has expanded remote clinical diagnosis with 301 Hospital, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Tiantan Hospital and China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. The hospital comes to the first class nationwide in construction of numerical hospital equipping with international advanced teaching system, and remote education system.

The Third Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi University of TCM
The Third Affiliated Hospital of the Shanxi College of TCM is Chinese Clinical Study of Acupuncture Center, Shanxi Branch. It is the only one specialty organization combining Chinese medicine treatment with acupuncture medical treatment, research and teaching. Its unique new-nine-needle acupuncture treatment is well-known throughout whole country.

Hospital of Combination of Chinese medicine and Western Medicine Hospital of Combination of Chinese and Western Medicine was Taiyuan Railway Central Hospital, which became an affiliated hospital of our school by the end of 2004. It is a comprehensive hospital of all “A level hospitals” with collective functions of medical treatment, teaching, research, medicare, and rehabilitation. Through several years of hard work, it has developed into a top institution with excellent research skills and technologies as well as comprehensive facilities.

Right now, Shanxi University of TCM has  achieved  a  good  educational  results  through  persisting  in the  practical  and  teaching  principal  of  “earlier,  more  and  frequent  clinical  practice” and standardized management of clinical practice. A practical and  teaching  system  which can meet the needs of talent cultivation   have been gradually  established  after  a  long  period  of  exploration  and  practice.

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